I’ve been meaning for some time to dive into the world of simulations with VPython. I got some real motivation since, after years of advocating, we are starting AP Physics C at my school next year (both Mechanics and E&M). As a result I’ve started to gather and put together some resources, and since I’ve gotten a fair bit of positive feedback on the tutorials I modified from those crafted by Jim Deane, I thought I’d post them here. I plan on adding to this a lot in the next 6 months before the 16-17 school year.

Tutorials: Email me if you would like comment rights, I’d love the feedback!

The last tutorial, comparing simulations with data, was written to address the main criticism students had about vpython from the 16-17 school year; they didn’t see how it fit into the rest of the course. I wrote that tutorial to match a lab we do where we analyze graphs of energy vs time for an mass on a spring, so now the submitted assignment will be comparing the lab data with the simulation results.

Tutorials by Rhett Allain: This is how I started learning VPython.