Awesome Things Kids Do: Velociraptors

I like to have fun. I show this to my students toward the end of the kinematics unit;

We take on number 1. In my honors class they solve it as is, and in regular we assume both are going at a constant velocity (I don’t do complex problem solving, such as setting position equations for two objects with acceleration, in regular). The kids eat it up.

In fact, this has started somewhat of a sub-culture around raptors in my physics classes. Kids bring up raptors all the time, turning standard problems into raptor problems. One kid (who I never had in class) makes a raptor sound every time (EVERY TIME) he sees me. Another student posted the picture at right on our class Facebook page (which my students created and my principal gave the go-ahead for me to join).

My honors classes make a t-shirt every year, and regular usually hasn’t been interested (though I always ask). Last year about 90% of my students, honors and regular, purchased (and wore) the following shirt;

(Side note: I contacted xkcd about purchasing shirts through them, and they replied a couple of times passing the decision to someone else, then finally stopped responding. Since the comics are licensed for use under creative commons and I would not be making any money on them, I just went ahead and made them)

My artist in residence for this year, who made the Modeling Comic I posted about previously, has drawn a number of raptors throughout this year;

We’re not afraid to have a good time in physics; deathly afraid, however, of raptors. And raptors do not know fear.

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